Added in December, 2020

Miles Crawford book
Early Pioneers on the Three Forks of the Kentucky River

Added in October, 2020

Obituary of Moss Gabbard

Added in July, 2020

Rafting (Logging)
A Lutes Family History
Owsley County Black History

Added in February, 2020

Civil War Pension Records for Sale
Biography of Green B. Angel

Added in December, 2019

Biography of Theophilus Garrard, Brigadier-General

Added in September, 2019

List of Surnames in our Members-Only Database

Added in August, 2019

Obituary of Bonaparte Combs
Obituary of Julia Reynolds Gabbard
Obituary of Mary Murray McCollum

Added in January, 2019

Biography of Stephen Fields
Henry Gabart - Land Warrant, October, 1800

Added in August, 2018

William Landsaw Hurst's Petition to Governor Bramlette
Letter From Hurst to former Colonel H.C. Lilly

Added in June, 2018

Simon Stacy Biography

Added in March, 2018

Pleasant Reynolds, Land Sale (.pdf format)

Added in February, 2018

Now Accepting Membership Applications

Added in December, 2017

John J. Dickey paper - T. T. Garrard
John J. Dickey paper - James Campbell
John J. Dickey paper - Phoebe Campbell
John J. Dickey paper - Sarah Campbell
John J. Dickey paper - Ira Couch

Added in November, 2017

Obituary - Jacklyn Flannery

Added in September, 2017

Music of Kentucky

Added in August, 2017

Clay County Tax List - 1811
Offices Held in Owsley County - Updated

Added in April, 2017

Family Record - William "Bill" Bowling
Family Bible Record - John B. Thomas
Early Settlers of Breathitt County

Added in March, 2017

Excerpts from the John Jay Dickey Diaries - Updated
Preston Pennington Biography

Added in February, 2017

A. J. Barker Cemetery
William Abner Cemetery
Buffalo Hills Where I Was Born
A Letter by Lester A. Rowland - Updated
Thoughts Written at Cartes, France - Updated

Added in September, 2016

Interview with Leland Porter

Added in August, 2016

Music of Kentucky

Added in June, 2016

Family DNA Projects - Updated
Elijah Thomas Military Biography
Elisha Thomas Military Biography

Added in May, 2016

Wall of Honor, 20th Century Wars - Updated
Biography of Howell Brewer
Obituary, James Walter Thomas
Obituaries, 1895 - 1899
Obituaries, 1882 - 1894

Added in April, 2016

John B. Pennington Military Biography
Eli & Levi Thomas Military Biography

Added in March, 2016

Owsley County Births - 1852
Biography of Lazarus L. Mainous

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