Offices Held in Owsley County, Kentucky

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Offices Held in Owsley County, Kentucky

From the Kentucky Historical Society
Donated and transcribed by
Dr. Dennis Brewer

County Judges

NameTerm Began
- - -1851
John McDaniel1854
Joseph W. Seale1858
Thomas Murrell1862
- - -1866
- - -1870
- - -1874
- - -1878
- - -1882
- - -1886
- - -1890
W. B. Gabbard1894
Allen C. Hyden1898
Allen C. Hyden1902
  Hyden was killed 10/15/1902 and to fill his unexpired term:
Hiram Hogg1902
John F. Brewer1906
Isaac Price 1910
James M. Porter1914
Henry Clay Combs1918
Vincent Thomas1922
Stephen Hobert Rice1926
  Rice resigned 9/1/1927 and to fill his unexpired term:
Albert Brandenburg, appointed until next election
Henry Clay Combs, elected for unexpired term1929
  Combs died 12/1929 and to fill his unexpired term:
Charles L. Seale1929
Charles L. Seale1931
Tilmon Green1934
Dr. B. F. Tye1938
C. A. Bowman1942
J. M. King1946
J. M. King1950
A. M. Bell1954
A. M. Bell1958
A. M. Bell1962
Oak Wilson1966
Elijah Campbell 1970
Hamp Turner 1974
Howard MooreMay 1977
Dale Roberts1978
Howard Moore1982
Dale Roberts1986
Jimmie Herald1990
Jimmie Herald1994
Jimmie Herald1999
Cale Turner2003
Cale Turner2007

County Attorneys

- - -1851
Luther Brawner1854
- - -1858
- - -1862
- - -1866
James M. Sebastian, appointed to fill unexpired term.1866
- - -1870
- - -1874
Stephen P. Hogg1878
- - -1882
Stephen P. Hogg1886
- - -1890
- - -1894
J. C. Eversole1898
William Butler Bullock1902
William Butler Bullock 1906
Stephen P. Hogg1910
Charles L. Seale1914
Jacob K. Gabbard1918
Jacob K. Gabbard1922
Jacob K. Gabbard1926
Jacob K. GabbardJan 1930
Jacob K. Gabbard1934
  Gabbard died Oct. 26, 1934 and to flll his unexpired term:
Charles L. Seale1934
Charles L. Seale1936
W. C. Robinson1940
W. C. Robinson1942
W. C. Robinson1946
W. C. Robinson1950
Charles L. Seale1954
W. C. Robinson1958
W. C. Robinson1962
W. C. Robinson1966
Kendall B. Robinson1970
Kendall B. Robinson1974
Kendall B. Robinson1978
Kendall B. Robinson1982
Wade Rasner1986
Wade Rasner1990
Wade Rasner1994
Wade Rasner1999
Henley McIntosh2003
Henley McIntosh2007

County Court Clerks

County court clerks were appointed by the fiscal court (magistrates) from the beginning of Owsley County until the “1850 constitution” went into effect which was in 1851. William Williams was the first county court clerk of Owsley and it is believed that he served continuously until after the second election which was in 1854.

William Williams1843
Daniel B. Capps1854
S. A. Chastain 1858
Elcannah Winn1862
Elcannah Winn1866
C. E. Marion1870
- - -1874
- - -1878
Samuel Nigh1882
Samuel Nigh1886
John Breeding1890
John Breeding1894
Henry Clay Combs1898
Henry Clay Combs1902
Henry Clay Combs1906
Henry Clay Combs1910
Oscar J. Judd1914
Tilmon J. Green1918
Tilmon J. Green1922
Tilmon J. Green1926
Tilmon J. Green1930
Estelle Campbell1934
Estelle Campbell1938
John S. Wilson1942
John S. Wilson1946
Granville Noble1950
T. J. Green1954
T. J. Green1958
T. J. Green1962
Wayne Marshall1966
Wayne Marshall1970
Wayne Marshall1974
Wayne Marshall1978
Wayne Marshall1982
Sid Gabbard1986
Sid Gabbard1990
Sid Gabbard1994
Sid Gabbard1999
Sid Gabbard2003
Sid Gabbard2007


James McGuire Jr.June 1843
William McLaneJuly 31, 1844
A. J. Spear
David SnowdenJune, 1845
William AbnerJan 19, 1846
M. G. Horton1849
William MorrisNov 3, 1849
Julius Hacker1851
James Hacker1854
Elisha B. Treadway1858
Thomas Dalton1862
John Peters1862
A. C. Wilson1863
Elisha B. Treadway1866
Daniel McCollum1870
Sylvester Isaacs1874
D. P. Morris Brewer1878
Joseph F. Herd1882
J. D. Greer-----
William Butler Bullock1886
Daniel McCollum1890
Robert W. Becknell1894
Daniel McCollum1898
  McCollum died April 26, 1898 and to fill his term:
A. Martin Neeley, appointed to fill unexpired term1898
F. F. McCollum Elected in a special election1899
A. Martin Neeley
  Contested Election and reinstated as sheriff by the Appeals Court
D. G. Wilson1902
A. Martin Neeley1906
Green B. Wilson1910
G. B. “Bud” Smith1914
Green B. Wilson1918
G. B. “Bud” Smith1922
Green Mainous1926
G. B. Wilson1930
A. J. Creech1934
James Shepherd1938
Claude Duff1942
Charlie McIntosh1946
Harlan McIntosh1950
Clarence Taylor1954
  Taylor was killed in office, appointed to fill unexpired term:
Ruth Price Taylor (wife)1954
Ruth Price Taylor1956
Harlan McIntosh1958
Claude Duff1962
Danny Bowling1966
Charlie McIntosh1970
Danny Bowling1974
  Bowling resigned - appointed to fill remainder of term:
Earl AmisDec. 1977
Earl Amis1978
Billy P. McIntosh1982
Billy P. McIntosh1986
Billy P. McIntosh1990
Teresa Chadwell1993
Robert Tye Hensley1994
Paul Short1999
Kelly Shouse2003
Kelly Shouse2007

Circuit Court Clerks

William Williams *1847
Daniel B. Capps1856
Arch B. McGuire1862
Arch B. McGuire1868
Arch B. McGuire1874
Arch B. McGuire1880
Stephen P. Hogg, appointed to fill unexpired term1882
Samuel Nigh, appointed to fill unexpired term1883
Samuel Nigh1886
Stephen P. Hogg1892
Walter Seale1898
R. L. Rose # Serving1901
Isaac Wilder1904
Isaac Wilder1910
Isaac Wilder1916
William Huff1922
Stephen Campbell1928
C. A. Bowman1934
Matt Ross1940
Matt Ross1946
Matt Ross1952
Matt Ross1958
Leon Ross1964
Clayton Herald1970
A. Michael Mays1976
A. Michael Mays1982
A. Michael Mays1988
A. Michael Mays1994
A. Michael Mays2001
A. Michael Mays2007


The Jailor was an appointive office until 1851

- - -1851
Robert McGee1854
- - -1858
- - -1862
- - -1866
- - -1870
- - -1874
- - -1878
- - -1882
- - -1886
- - -1890
- - -1894
Robert Wilson1898
Robert Wilson1902
Vol Taylor1906
John “Mucker” Baker1910
Chester “Honey” Wilson1914
Chester “Honey” Wilson1918
John Hughes1922
John Hughes1926
R. C. Wilson1930
John M. Halcomb1934
Claude Duff1938
Ham Taylor1942
Sam Rasner1946
Clarence Taylor1950
Oscar “Pepper” Campbell1954
Banford Mays1957
Banford Mays1958
Banford Mays1962
Banford Mays1966
Banford Mays1970
Banford Mays1974
Leon Ross1978
Walter Terry1981
Walter Terry1982
Arlie Stepp1984
Arlie Stepp1986
Craig Bowman1990
Arlie Stepp1994
Harold Hollon1999
Hubert Shouse2003
Hubert Shouse2007

Tax Commissioners

(Property Valuation Administrator after 1969)

- - -1851
Thomas J. Treadway1854
- - -1858
- - -1862
- - -1866
- - -1870
- - -1874
- - -1878
- - -1882
- - -1886
- - -1890
- - -1894
- - -1898
Lewis Cole1902
  Killed by Price Moore 1904 (5)
Stephen Gabbard1904
  Appointed to fill un-expired term (5)
William Wilson1906
Dan Gabbard1910
Zack Taylor1914
Clay Roberts1918
Hubert Judd1922
Seaber Eversole1926
Sherman Brewer1930
Sherman Brewer1934
N. S. (Sherman) Brewer1938
N. S. (Sherman) Brewer1942
N. S. (Sherman) Brewer1946
N. S. (Sherman) Brewer1950
Randolph Brewer1954
Randolph Brewer1958
Randolph Brewer1962
Randolph Brewer1966
Randolph Brewer1970
Randolph Brewer1974
Randolph Brewer1978
Monica Barrett1982
Monica Barrett1986
Monica Barrett1990
Monica Barrett1994
Monica Barrett1999
Monica Barrett2003
Monica Barrett2007


A. H. Gabbard Serving1847
Ike Wilder1930
Ike Wilder1934
Jesse Turner1938
Chester Tirey1942
Robert Hensley1946
Willie Mason1950
Ike Wilder1954
Bob Brewer1958
Bob Brewer1962
Johnny Dooley1966
Robert Strong1970
Robert Strong1974
Robert Strong1978
Robert Strong1982
Robert Strong1986
Robert Strong1990
Robert Strong1994
Eddie Isaacs1999
Eddie Isaacs2003
Eddie Isaacs2007

County Surveyor

Meredith C. Hughes1847
M. F. (Millard) Baker1930
M. F. Baker1934
M. F. Baker1938
M. F. Baker1942
Emery Begley1954
Elisha Baker1958
Hugh Allen Moore1990

Justice of the Peace

Seven in 1929. By November 7, 1933 the county had changed to 3 Justices of Peace districts  and gave each Justice a bigger district to serve. Title was changed to Magistrate in 1937.

William Clarke1847
Hiram McGuire
Wm. Morris
Lassetier J. Robertson
Pleasant Reynolds
George H. Brandenburg
Meredith Ambrose
Pierson M. Hughes
John D. Spencer
Willie Seale, Dist. 11930
Dewey Botner, Dist. 21930
T. H. Hensley (or F. H.) Dist. 31930
I. H. Gabbard, Dist 41930
Jesse Baker, Dist 51930
Willie Judd, Dist 61930
G. W. Bowles, Dist. 71930
Willie Seale, Dist. 11934
Chester Scott, Dist. 21934
H. C. Mason, Dist. 31934
John Hughes, Dist. 11938
Arch Bell, Dist. 21938
Arch Gabbard, Dist 31938
Clarence Hughes, Dist. 11940
Willie B. McPherson, Dist. 11942
Walter Oldham, Dist. 21942
Fayette Wilder, Dist. 31942
Hargis Goodman, Dist. 11946
Logan Burch, Dist. 21946
Arch Gabbard, Dist. 31946
Willie B. McPherson, Dist. 11950
Ezell Sandlin, Dist. 21950
Millard Baker, Dist. 31950
Hargis Goodman, Dist. 11954
Floyd “Pink” Gross, Dist. 21954
Floyd Moore, Dist. 31954
Hargis Goodman, Dist. 11958
W. P. Moore, Dist. 21958
Letcher Deaton, Dist. 31958
Elijah Campbell, Dist. 11962
Pleasant Amis, Dist. 21962
Letcher Deaton, Dist. 31962
Siegel Isaacs, Dist. 11966
Pleasant Amis, Dist. 21966
Hamp Turner, Dist. 31966
James Barrett, Dist. 11970
Martin Gabbard, Dist. 21970
Siegel Isaacs, Dist. 31970
James Barrett, Dist. 11974
Kenneth Gumm, Dist. 21974
Bernard V. Wilson, Dist. 31974
Arnold Wilson, Dist. 11978
Kenneth Gumm, Dist. 21978
Bernard Wilson, Dist. 31978
Arnold Wilson, Dist. 11982
Kenneth Gumm, Dist. 21982
Floyd “Pink” Gross, Dist. 31982
Arnold Wilson, Dist. 11986
Bobby E. Smith, Dist. 21986
Bernard Wilson, Dist. 31986
Jesse Johnson, Dist. 11990
Cale Turner, Dist. 21990
Tony Price, Dist. 31990
Jesse Johnson, Dist. 11994
Cale Turner, Dist. 21994
Tony Price, Dist. 31994
Bill Hall, Dist. 11999
Bobby Smith, Dist. 21999
Jesse Bishop, Jr., Dist. 31999
Bill Hall, Dist. 12003
Mike Harris, Dist. 22003
Jesse Bishop, Jr., Dist. 32003
Larry Chandler, Dist. 12007
Mike Harris, Dist. 22007
Jesse Bishop, Jr., Dist. 32007


Robert Barrett, Dist. 11930
Chester Allen, Dist. 21930
Dudley Hignite, Dist. 31930
Abner Baker, Dist. 41930
G. W. Daniel, Dist. 51930
Siegel Isaacs, Dist. 61930
--- Dist. 71930
Floyd E. Reynolds, Dist. 11934
S. D. Clem, Dist. 21934
Hobert Wilder, Dist. 31934
Chester Rice, Dist. 11938
Dan Deaton, Dist. 21938
Edd Richardson, Dist. 31938
Willie P. McIntosh1940
Green Bowman, Jr., Dist. 11942
Roscoe Bishop, Dist. 21942
Lester M. Gabbard, Dist. 31942
Unknown, Dist. 11946
Unknown, Dist. 21946
Elmer Wilder, Dist. 31946
Sut Bowman, Dist. 11950
Walter Bishop, Dist. 21950
NOT LISTED, Dist. 31950
Ed Smith, Dist. 11954
Harlan Baker, Dist. 21954
Willie P. McIntosh, Dist. 31954
Ray Barrett, Dist. 11958
Dan Deaton, Dist. 21958
Moody Baker, Dist. 31958
Leonard Gilbert, Dist. 11962
Carl Neeley, Dist. 21962
Roe Carmack, Dist. 31962
D. G. Cole, Dist. 11966
Kenneth McDaniel, Dist. 21966
Dan Gabbard, Dist. 31966
Ervine Hobbs, Dist. 11970
J. D. Deaton, Dist. 21970
George Addison, Dist. 31970
Richard Stepp, Dist. 21972
Luther Little, Dist. 21973
James Gabbard, Dist. 11974
Joe Reynolds, Dist. 21974
Harvey Moore, Dist. 31974
Bobby Lee Gabbard, Dist. 11978
Willis Little, Dist. 21978
Jimmie Winn, Dist. 31978
Harvey Wilder, Dist. 11982
Junior Marshall, Dist. 21982
Harvey Moore, Dist. 31982
Leonard Smith, Dist. 21984
James Gabbard, Dist. 11986
Carl Dooley, Dist. 21986
Harvey Moore, Dist. 31986
Bill Goodman, Dist. 11990
Lester Noble, Dist. 21990
Robert Hartsock, Dist. 31990
Jimmy Taylor, Dist. 11994
Bill Campbell, Dist. 21994
Robert Hartsock, Dist. 31994
Randy Burns, Dist. 11999
Wilgus Herald, Dist. 21999
Jesse Johnson, Dist. 31999
John Allen, Dist. 12003
Bill Campbell, Dist. 22003
John “Nunk” Chadwell, Dist. 32003
John Allen, Dist. 12007
Bill Campbell, Dist. 22007
John “Nunk” Chadwell, Dist. 32007

A complete listing was not found in Frankfort and as of a few years back neither the Kentucky Historical Society nor the Kentucky State Library and Archives had a legal record of the above listed (1926 & prior, we) officers.

* Kentucky State Register, 1847. Tunstall Quarles, Circuit Judge; Silas Woodson, Commonwealth Attorney

# Kentucky Law Reporter, Volume 27, Page 756

Source of information:

  1. Kentucky Historical Society in Frankfort, KY.
  2. Listing of Owsley County material at the library and archives.
  3. Owsley County Clerk’s office, Booneville, KY.
  4. Historical – newspaper articles by Fred W. Gabbard
  5. Jackson Hustler newspaper

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